Most frequent questions and answerS
  1. Download the Zoom app to your computer or device and create an account. Don’t wait until the last second to do this. It doesn’t require much time but try to avoid unnecessary stress.
  2. I’ll open the session 10 minutes before the class starts to welcome you and answer questions.
  3. For a great experience you need a stable internet connection. Set up the computer close to your space. Headsets, earphones or external speakers can increase the sound quality. If you don’t have a good internet connection you can turn off the camera. I would only suggest that if you feel familiar with the breathing method.
  4. You can lay down on a matt, couch or on your bed. Wherever you feel comfortable is good. You can do it from your home, hotel rooms, beaches or out in nature. Never do breathwork while driving!
  5. Have a pillow and a blanket ready. An eye mask or a pillow to cover your eyes is helpful for many people to sink deeper into the breathing rhythm.
  6. I suggest that you set up the computer in an angle that allows me to see you from the waist up when you’re lying down. If I can see you, I can make sure that you’re breathing correctly. If you feel more comfortable and did a couple of sessions with me you can adjust the light.
  7. I suggest that you don’t eat 1 or 2 hours prior to the session. No worries if you did, you’ll be fine. Breathing is easier with an empty stomach.
  8. I invite you to type in your name and where you come from when you enter the session. It’s great to connect with other breathworkers. We share the same passion. (Group sessions only)
  9. Turn off the door bell and put your phone on silent. This is your time. Enjoy it.

Please contact us if you have any heart problems, blood pressure problems, breathing problems or pregnancy before the session. Do not participate if you have a cold or if you feel sick.

Both, the in person and the online session, have a powerful effect. What works for you depends on your preferences. If you prefer to do breathwork from the privacy of your home without going somewhere or me coming to you then choose the online session. If you would rather enjoy doing breathwork in person then this is the session you should do. Nevertheless, there is no right or wrong. Try and see what works best for you.

Just make sure that you have at least one hour after the session to relax. Every session is different. You might feel energized and motivated to do whatever you feel like doing. However, it also can be an emotional session that requires some time to relax and process. After your first session you should definitely make sure that you can relax after breathwork.

There is no right or wrong but here are some suggestions. Do what feels right for you. Write down the thoughts and emotions that came up during the breathwork session. Don’t push it aside but process what happened. Bullet points are perfectly fine. You also could go for a walk or just relax. Drink a lot of water. Treat yourself as best as you can. You just finished inner work and deserve only the best.

As often as you want. I suggest to do it on a regular basis. Listen to your body because all the answers you need are already within.