the breathwork way

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

- Mark Twain

the journey

Many steps will get you wherever you want to go. The Breathwork Way is a process that will need time and patience to get where you want to go. This Journey is for you if you are willing to make a lasting change in your life. Commit to yourself for 365 days to take one step at a time and create whatever you want to create.

The breath is a powerful tool that will bring you clarity and energy for your next steps. If you implement breathwork into your routine and make it a lifestyle you will feel a huge difference in how you experience this life. 

Every journey starts with the first step.

the why

Where do you want to go? What do you really want to change in your life? Is there something that you want to create? If you don’t have the answers to these questions don’t worry. Whatever you desire or need is already within.
HypnoBreathwork is a powerful method that will access your subconscious and guide you on you path. bring you clarity on your dreams and goals. It will show you the next step and what really matters in your life.
Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Take one breath at a time and enjoy the journey. You are so much more than you think.

Everything you need is already within.

what can I expect?

The Breathwork Journey includes:


Three Different Breathwork Sessions

Coherent Breathing

Mind Break Breathwork (short version)

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Two Breathwork Sessions 

One Monthly changing Breathwork Session with a specific topic

Wim Hof related Breathwork

You can do all Breathwork Sessions at any place and at any time as often as you want. This gives you the freedom to use breathwork as a daily tool. Commit to yourself and get access for 365 days.

what you get

Exclusive Breathwork sessions, just for you.

wim hof related Breathwork

coherent breathwork

Mind break

your daily tool to freedom.

one Year Journey




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it's Their words that matter

Ian Park

“As athletes, sometimes we forget the importance of recovery. Not just of the body, but of the mind. After one session with Frank, I felt relaxed, clear minded, and energized. Breathwork with Coach Frank is an essential part of my recovery. If you are an athlete, you should be breathing with Frank!”


Cat Lau

“Frank offers a safe and loving space as we breathe and travel through his guided sessions. The trust I have in him allows me to fully let go of control, and follow where my breath takes me. I’ve experienced intense sensation while breathing and I’m grateful for the full emotional release in his sessions. Frank creates an inclusive atmosphere for beginner and experienced people to breath as a collective. The energy of the group is incredibly powerful! Every time I’ve had sessions with Frank, I go to another world and thank him deeply for the space that he gives me to do that.”


Jason Brisbane

“Frank’s sessions fully immerse you in the present. For the duration of the session you’re able to focus solely on yourself without the usual outside distractions. We often don’t allow ourselves to be fully present in the moment, and being able to reset and focus sets you up for whatever you need to face. Personally, I’ve found every session a different experience which have allowed to me reflect and focus in a different way which have been really helpful. Thank you, Frank.”


Annie Au Wick

“Frank is not only an attentive breathwork coach, he is a kind spirited soul who genuinely wants to help you in becoming a more fulfilling, complete person. I’ve had the great pleasure of working with him and the result was fantastic. I highly recommend doing breathwork with Frank!”


Andreas Riedl

“Uncertainty and volatility are major factors in our professional lives. It seems that the complexity of our tasks is steadily rising. Flexibility is a necessity. As a consequence I need tools in order to cope with stress and emotional tensions. I participated in several breathwork sessions with Frank and the sessions helped me to deal with my daily life in a more calm and balanced way. As a byproduct this leads to more efficiency. I plan to work with Frank long-term in order to live a more emotionally balanced life.”


Kerstin Hemmersbach

One week for more clarity, focus and discipline that brings back your former willpower.
The Seven Days Power & Purpose journey helped me to stop my mental chatter. I identified and let go all of my negative beliefs and acts of sabotage to stop myself. I started getting back to former mental strength and started to fulfull my visions, again. 1% better, every day! Frank loves teaching Breathwork, that was exactly what I felt in every second. He created a sacred space for personal development in an amazing atmosphere. My "new power of fast implementation" is still ongoing! A strong commitment - for just one week - changed a lot!"

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